21 Progress: Building Leaders

Jan 16, 2019 | Grantee Partner Stories

21 Progress was founded in 2011 by UFCW21 in Seattle, out of a need to provide leadership training and skill development by and for youth and young adults who identify as immigrants, undocumented individuals, young workers, LGBTQ youth, women, and people of color. In the height of new immigration legislation, 21 Progress became the largest provider of financial assistance and education for immigrant youth eligible for DACA. Recognized as a rising organization by the Seattle Human Rights Commission, semi-finalist winner of the Seattle Ventures partners program for their innovative leadership curriculum, and a recognized and trusted community space for young leaders of color throughout Washington State.

Watch local community advocate, Maria Jimenez’s week in the life experience in the Bold Summer training program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1WXj98WBxU&t=1s

21 Progress develops leaders across sectors and communities to have the skills, knowledge, and tools to pursue social change and fight inequality within their respective communities. Their programmatic efforts prepare and empower young leaders across Washington State to explore, identify, create and lead social and economic change. Through an inclusive and intersectional approach to leadership development and community organizing, they support emerging leaders to claim their place and collaborate in building a more just society by offering one-on-one mentorship, coaching, and college/career navigation for leaders who aim to end inequality.

Program Priorites:

Prepare Leaders:

Bold Summer prepares new leaders through a 10-week intensive training program. This past year, there were nearly 500 applications from 33 states from students who were seeking a place they could receive training, education, mentorship, and community building. Alumni consistently report Bold Summer a major factor in developing both their individual skills and long-term commitment to social change

Empower Communities:

Through community education, 21 Progress protects families by developing a Family Safety Plans that are practical and actionable to prevent the forced removal of immigrant children, youth, and families. Using a train-the-trainer model, there have been 100+ family safety plans created and more than 5,000 individuals reached at local conferences, via social media, and newsletters.

RISE: Morning Storytelling Series strengthens and unites the community through an inspiring speakers series that brings new and meaningful discussion, share powerful stories, and bridge new connections for collective action/collaboration that is vital for long-term social change. Join us.

Purpose Dinners a unique and transformative experience that combines a social change question, great food, and a call to action about present-day topics of race, equity, and justice focused on stories that honor the unique experiences of individuals and their relationship to transformative ideals. Sign up.

Mobilize Civic Voice in Action: 21 Progress creates new opportunities for students to discuss issues of income inequality, social change, and human rights in public media. In late 2016, the Young Workers Storytelling Project collected 100 young workers – women, immigrants, part-time/full-time students – from fast food establishments, warehouses, retail shops, and grocery stores. Together, a new book was published documenting the stories and experiences of workers throughout Seattle, WA.