Caroline Miceli (she/her)

Director of Operations and Special Interest Grants

Caroline joined the Satterberg Foundation in 2014 as a Program Officer. Prior to joining the Satterberg Foundation, Caroline worked with the Medina Foundation in Seattle, the Yellowstone Park Foundation in Bozeman, Montana, and the Clinton Foundation in New York. Before switching to a career in the non­-profit sector, Caroline worked in the international automotive industry with BMW in Germany, China, and New York and with Toyota at its North American headquarters.

Caroline holds a master’s degree from Columbia University in Management and International Affairs. She completed her undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations at Scripps College, The Claremont Colleges.

To contact Caroline, email CarolineM (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org

Juliet Le (she/her)

Program Officer

Juliet joined the Satterberg Foundation in June 2018 as a Program Manager. She grew up in a working-class household on Duwamish/Coast Salish Territories aka Seattle, Washington. Growing up, her views on classism, racism, sexism were shaped in part by being raised by Vietnamese immigrant and refugee parents. From the wisdom passed down by her mother who was born with a rare genetic retinal eye disorder, she moves through her work from a lens of love, compassion, and ancient wisdom and healing that will sustain us now and through our coming generations.

Juliet is a first-generation college graduate and majored in International Business and Economics from Seattle University. She was politicized in college and  has been grounded in culture and timeless teachings. She has rallied, protested, and organized around social justice issues at the intersections of reproductive justice, immigrant and refugees, and the carceral state.

Without the return of stolen wealth and land, alongside the deep need for healing justice, no liberation will be achieved in the United States or globally. Knowing this to be true, Juliet feels called to use her skills and lived experience to organize for structural redistribution. After working in and witnessing the nonprofit industrial complex both in Vietnam and in the US, she realized the deep need to dispel the narratives of traditional philanthropy which has led Juliet to focus on wealth redistribution at Satterberg Foundation.

To contact Juliet, email JulietL (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org

LaShanda Robertson (she/her)

Program Officer

LaShanda joined the Satterberg Foundation in April 2021 as the Program Manager. Prior to Satterberg, LaShanda worked at Puget Sound Educational Service District in the office of Learning, Teaching and Family Support and spent six years providing support in the Kent school district. LaShanda also worked for Seattle school district, University Prep, University of Washington, and Seattle University. She brings 20 plus years of administrative experience from corporate to K-Post-secondary, and we are happy to have her aboard.

LaShanda is passionate about programs that are focused at improving the lives of young people. She currently volunteers with the Y.E.L.L. (Young Educated Ladies Leading) Female Summit and the Black and Brown Male Summit, held yearly at Highline Community College. She is also a volunteer at Community Passageways; a non-profit organization in Seattle. She is dedicated to giving back to her community and making a difference.

LaShanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

To contact LaShanda, email LaShandaR (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org

Monserrat Padilla (she/her)

Program Officer

Monserrat joined the Satterberg Foundation in July 2021 as a Program Officer. Prior to joining Satterberg, Monserrat was the Director of the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network; a multiracial, multilingual, and multi-faith statewide coalition that came together due to the 2016 elections to protect immigrant rights.

Monserrat has worked at the state and national level for over 12 years building the capacity of grassroots organizations through programs and advocacy campaigns to foster community development for LGBTQ+, immigrants, and people of color. Under COVID-19, Monserrat mustered state policy wins that brought economic relief for Washington state undocumented immigrant residents through direct cash assistance, legal support, and access to healthcare.

Monserrat grew up undocumented in the United State since the age of two and is a beneficiary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive program under the Obama Administration, for which she helped shaped blueprint policy.

To contact Monserrat, email MonserratP (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org

Rosa Peralta (she/her)

Senior Program Officer for Equity Impact

Rosa joined the Satterberg Foundation in July 2020 as a Program Officer/Consultant. Prior to joining the Satterberg Foundation, Rosa worked in the fields of civil rights, juvenile justice, education, and healthcare. Her non-profit work focused on developing tools and standards to improve and increase collaboration among public institutions, non-profit organizations, and foundations to promote programs and systems that protect and advance the rights of youth and people of color.

Rosa volunteers her time at several non-profits and serves on the boards of TeamChild and the Latinx Health Board. She was appointed by Governor Inslee to serve on the Board of Trustees for Seattle Colleges.

Rosa came to Washington as an undocumented farm worker from Mexico and has lived in Seattle for more than 20 years. Rosa holds sociology degrees from Whitman College (BA) and the University of Michigan (MA) where she is a PhD candidate (ABD).

To contact Rosa, email RosaP (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org

Sarah Walczyk (she/her)

Executive Director

Sarah joined the Satterberg Foundation in 2013, after serving for over fourteen years in non-profit management and fundraising leadership roles in the Seattle area. Prior to joining the Satterberg Foundation, Sarah worked at Science and Management of Addictions, Powerful Voices, YouthCare, and the Seattle Art Museum.

Sarah holds a BA from the Evergreen State College.

To contact Sarah, email SarahW (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org


Kendra Walker (she/her)

Metropole Community Steward

Kendra joined the Satterberg Foundation in June 2023 as the Metropole Community Steward. Kendra served as the lead consultant on the Metropole project from March 2021 until June 2023, with a focus on community partnerships, tenant recruitment, operations and facilities management. She continues to work on bringing the Metropole Building Project to fruition in her current role.

Prior to joining the Satterberg Foundation, Kendra worked as the Area Sales and Operations Manager for Novel Coworking. She also has extensive knowledge working in sales, operations and program management in the health and fitness industry. She also worked for Whole Foods Market as a Marketing associate and Accenture as a process design consultant.

Kendra holds a Masters’ in Business Administration from the Ohio State University. She completed her Bachelor degree with a focus on Marketing and Logistics from the Ohio State University.

You can reach Kendra at Kendraw (AT) Satterberg (DOT) org


Michele Tall (she/her)

Consultant: Grant Manager