Announcing the Pilot Life-Long Learning Award (L3 Award) Cohort

The Satterberg Foundation is delighted to launch an inaugural and pilot cohort award program in 2018 called the Life-Long Learning Award – the L3 Award.  The program commenced in September 2018 with four organizations, who are current Satterberg grantees, nominated for the L3 Award by Satterberg program staff that represent a balance of issues from within Satterberg’s Washington grant portfolio. Each organization is awarded a $100K grant with funds allocated to organizational leadership development, sabbatical funding, coaching, and peer learning. 

The awarded 2018 L3 Cohort, comprised of four organizations and the sabbatical recipients from each organization, are listed below:

Through the L3 Award, Satterberg intends to highlight the value of life-long learning among grantees, humanize the work the Foundation supports, and catalyze leadership development in the nonprofit sector. The L3 Award is a grant program in honor of Mary Pigott and her decades of service as Satterberg’s founding Executive Director. The intention of the L3 Award is to help equip nonprofits with the opportunity to step back and think expansively about what they want to achieve, provide resources to identify the leadership priorities they have to meet to get there, and grant needed funding to begin putting their plan into action.

The structure of the L3 Award is intended to create a $100K grant of life-long learning opportunities for selected L3 Awardees to pursue leadership growth in four areas:

Organizational Leadership Development: $50,000

Up to $50K, to support nonprofits in identifying their leadership and development goals, and encouraging employee-wide leadership growth as part of their sustaining practice.

Sabbatical: $50,000

Up to $50K, toward the cost of a sabbatical for an individual at the organization. Funds are intended to help replace the recipient’s salary, benefits, and sabbatical travel costs for at least three months and up to 6 months.

Advising & Coaching: Up to 15 hours per nonprofit/sabbatical recipient (In-kind grant)

In partnership with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Satterberg offers up to 15 hours of expert coaching to assist nonprofits and sabbatical recipients.

Peer LearningIn-person and online convenings and mentoring (In-kind grant)

Mutual support and peer learning through convenings of L3 Award organizations, sabbatical recipients, and a Peer Mentor.

As this is a pilot award program, Satterberg is extremely proud to award the inaugural 2018 LCohort! We look forward to co-learning with them and determine how Satterberg may best continue to infuse wellness, individual rejuvenation, and organizational leadership development into the nonprofit sector throughout our grantmaking in the future.

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