The Metropole Building Project

Tenant Selection Process

A transparent, thorough and thoughtful tenant search will be conducted to source tenants for the Metropole.

Prior to submitting an application, we encourage all potential tenants to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Kendra Walker, the Metropole Building Community Steward, to learn more about building amenities and office options.

Tenant Eligibility

The tenant selection committee (comprising Pioneer Square residents, mission-aligned organization leaders, community advocates, and nonprofit staff members and/or board members) will be responsible for tenant selection. 

All applications will be carefully reviewed and rated based on the tenant selection criteria listed below.

    1. Cultivating a diverse tenant mix of organizations that are engaged in efforts to advocate, educate, and train others in the promotion of racial equity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.
    2. Actively and proudly serves communities of color.
    3. Registered as a nonprofit organization, per IRS regulations. Fiscally sponsored organizations are eligible with their sponsoring organization in good standing with the IRS.
    4. Committed to connecting and working with other organizations in their sector and community to lead change and promote mission-based initiatives.
    5. Contribute to the health and vitality of the Metropole community and culture through use of facilities, expertise, collaboration, and/or bringing innovative and engaging programs to the Metropole.
    6. Actively willing to be a supportive, engaging, and consistent member of the tenant governance committee. The tenant governance committee will meet on a regular basis (which will commence once tenant applications have been approved for occupancy) to establish the culture of the building, values, and rules of engagement.
    7. Organization will provide evidence of financial stability and ability to follow through on lease requirements, as defined by their prior leasing history and financial projections.

Preference for potential tenant applicants

Tenant eligibility is based on the tenant selection criteria detailed below, with preference given to:

  • Organizations who serve Pioneer Square and/or downtown Seattle
  • Organizations led by and serving Communities of Color
  • Organizations who serve as capacity builders, intermediaries and connectors between the community, other nonprofits organizations and mission aligned corporations
  • Organizations who will not be considered for tenancy are:
  • For profit or corporate organizations
  • Organizations with religious or political purposes
  • Organizations viewed as a security risk or threat

Submit an application

Reach out directly to Kendra via email to get an application:

Kendra Walker, Metropole Community Steward