Response to COVID

As the pandemic continues, we are grateful to everyone who is showing up, especially those at the front lines. At Satterberg, we have shifted to a virtual workplace model and are prioritizing the needs of our current Grantee Partners, ensuring our efforts include community-driven solutions. We are also advocating for more recovery resources in the non-profit sector and proving how coordinated planning and funding is the future of philanthropy.

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected Satterberg’s Grantee Partners?

Our first response was to reach out to our Grantee Partners and ask how this crisis was impacting their organization and communities. Throughout this pandemic, we have heard a range of challenges from loss of funding and income to housing and food insecurity—as well as amazing stories of resilience and innovation. Read more about our Grantee Partners and how they’re adapting.

What is Satterberg Foundation doing about it?

Our priority continues to be our Grantee Partners: supporting them with timely grant payments and helping them meet emergency needs, connecting them to additional funders, and managing the Foundation’s assets to ensure that we follow through on our commitments. As advocates, we contributed to the COVID-19 Response Fund, joined a funders’ pledge of action, and supported efforts to pass the 2020 economic stimulus bill and the American Rescue Plan, which includes Nonprofit Relief Funds.

What else should we do?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with resources, feedback, or ideas on how Satterberg can better support the greater movement.