Seattle Equity Summit

2021 Summit Overview

On July 21 and 22, 2021, the SES 2021 Collaborative will host a virtual convening to focus on art and culture behind movements for social change. The overarching aim of this convening is to educate and engage individuals from all walks of life and from various sectors, including the civic, business, and philanthropy worlds; government, education, faith-based and non-profits organizations; and the general public to discuss the importance of the arts and culture in society. The convening is intended to 1) support systemic social change through use of artistic and cultural expression in the Greater Seattle Washington area; Detroit, Michigan; and, throughout the nation, 2) to identify ways that for profit companies and philanthropy may support social change by supporting artists who are also advocates of social change, and 3) to showcase “artivists” engaged in movements.

Note:  Artivism is a portmanteau word combining art and activism. Besides using traditional mediums like film and music to raise awareness or push for change, an artivist can also be involved in culture jamming, subvertising, street art, spoken word, protesting, and activism. (Credit Wikipedia)

The goals of the virtual convening are to:

  • create greater understanding of the historical impact of arts and culture on social justice movements
  • elevate how arts and culture catalyze the fight against systemic racism, unconscious bias and other forms of oppression that impede the ability of people of color to participate in critical systems
  • spotlight various forms of artistic and cultural expression which have appeared during times of social unrest
  • share the stories of artist activists in order to highlight insights/lessons learned
  • energize others to see, feel, hear and ignite their own passions for art and activism
  • challenge philanthropy and for profit organizations to support art, culture and activism to help realize social justice

2020 Summit Overview

On behalf of the Seattle Equity Summit 2020 Collaborative, we kicked off our 2nd annual Seattle Equity Summit: “Taking Power: BIPOC* Leaders are Revolutionary and Necessary!”, a virtual summit scheduled for July 22 and 23, 2020.

The summit will bring together upwards of 400 Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC*), along with white allies/partners to share social justice and political strategies and to network. Our hope is that the summit will increase the number of participating and engaging in the political process and in civic involvement activities, through voting, running campaigns, seeking elected office, advocating for issues and leading social justice movements, among other things.

Our guest list for the summit will include people across sectors, including those from the civic, business, and philanthropy worlds; from government, education, faith-based and non-profit organizations; and from the general public. The convening is intended to share practices for systemic change in Seattle, Washington State and the nation. There will be presentations, panel discussions, facilitated discussions, networking opportunities and other activities designed to inspire collective action following the summit.

2019 Summit Overview

The summit brought together civic, business, philanthropy leaders and practitioners, advocates, and experts with members of the general public to share strategies for advancing equity in education, housing and economic mobility for communities of color and other marginalized groups. The overarching aims of this summit are to foster cross-sector dialogue and develop best practices that will contribute to systemic change in Seattle and Washington State, for a future where prosperity is broadly shared.

Attendees shared stories, insights and advice during group discussion to ensure access to competitive educational programs, safeguard and expand fair and affordable housing options, and create wealth building opportunities. The Seattle Equity Summit will take learnings and turn them into action, inspiring real solutions in real time.