Strategic Initiatives

The Metropole: A Future Nonprofit Center for Communities of Color

The Metropole will provide over 25,000-square-feet of affordable office space and community amenities for nonprofits primarily serving or led by communities of color.

Seattle Equity Summit

After nearly three years of building in community, we are excited that the Seattle Equity Summit (SES) has grown to a broader initiative beyond Satterberg. The SES Leadership Collaborative is taking the seed of this idea and building it into a beautiful, full-fledged movement. We’ll continue to show up in whatever way we’re needed.

Check out for the latest updates.

Health, Healing & Caucusing: Communities of Practice

Because time and space aren’t just for astronauts

Non-profit work is rewarding—but it takes a toll. At the request of our Partners, we began this initiative as a response to the pandemic and then realized it’s what every community always needs: time and space to be together and heal. With the help of the amazing Healing Justice facilitator Amadeo Cruz Guiao of Lunas Consulting, we piloted a program to create tools and pathways for our Grantee Partners to center caring for their full selves, process grief in racial affinity, and celebrate triumphs and resilience. The need was so great that the first two events filled up within two days, causing us to extend the program from a limited series into a monthly Community Care program serving over 60 people across three cohorts. Today, we are building on this momentum to refine our future offerings in this realm.

Please check back as we plan on hosting a new series in spring 2022.

Trust-Based Philanthropy: Organizing & Advocacy

On Satterberg’s journey toward Trust-Based Philanthropy, our Grantee Partners let us know that the Foundation needs to do more to disrupt and change the inequitable way philanthropy is typically practiced. To that end, we are centering our Grantee Partners’ stories, which prove that trust works better than traditional philanthropy. Check back soon, as we are developing plans to further challenge and inspire other funders to adopt the model of Trust-Based Philanthropy.

Are you a funder?

Getting out of the way of those you fund makes room for all the things you want from them: innovation, emergent action, equity, and sustainability.

Please contact us to learn more about Trust-Based Philanthropy.